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The Director Athlete Management System is the product of over 20 years of online registration, race timing and event management experience.

The team behind Director built their first online registration system for the 1998 Sydney Marathon – yep, we were registering athletes online in the last century – and has included registering a world record 81, 423 participants in the 2014 Sydney City2Surf! With that sort of experience comes the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, what helps convince people to complete a registration and also, what – most importantly – can put off a potential registrant. In addition to registration, we’ve been at the forefront of race timing for many of the biggest events in the world over the last two decades as well as owning and operating our own events company for over 10 years.

“We know active participation sports, like few others.”

The Complete System
Director is the only product on the market that does it all. From the moment your athlete registers for your event, all of their interactions are managed through Director, right up to publishing their achievement in the official race results. That’s because Director includes a best-in-class, fully functional race timing and results display package. Forget about sending excel files to your timing company, trying to reconcile on-the-day registrations and then fixing the inevitable snafus. With Director, there is a single version of the truth.

White Label Branding
Unlike many cloud software platforms, Director does not run on a database shared by all clients of the system Instead, your organisation gets a completely unique, completely separate database with no possibility for bleed between different organisations. Your logos will appear in the header and there are no shared logins. Vanity URLs mean that – as far as your customers are concerned – this is your system, not ours. Our policy is to place your brand front and centre because, after all, this is your event, not ours.






What makes Director, the “State of the Art”?

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Composite Entry

Director supports One-Person/Many-Events – typically used for Series Pass type entries and One-Event/Many-People – typically used for teams or family groups.


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Important! Please note that we are unable to respond to enquiries from event participants. If you are a participant in an event which uses our Director software, please make your enquiry directly with the event organiser via their web site. If you are having any difficulty using Director, they will follow up on that for you. For the privacy and protection of all users, we will not respond to participant enquiries under any circumstances.

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    Express – Race Weekend Solution

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